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On the role observability plays in DevSecOp

Observability (o11y) deals with the telemetry aspect of the signals computer systems generate as well as with their consumption and actions based on insights derived from them.

In the context of DevSecOps, taking the shift left movement into account, o11y topics increasingly dominate conversations. But how important is o11y for you to be successful?

To answer this question, we discuss what role o11y plays for DevSecOps and review the CNCF landscape in this space (including OpenTelemetry and Prometheus projects) to identify good practices and recommend tooling for practition



Michael Hausenblas
Michael Hausenblas is a Principal Product Developer Advocate in the AWS container service team, covering observability, service meshes, and Kubernetes. Before AWS, Michael worked at Red Hat, Mesosphere, MapR, and in two research institutions in Ireland and Austria





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