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The DEV, The SEC and The OPS: A developer’s guide to modern security

Legacy application security solutions like SAST and DAST miss the point of modern application development. Findings are riddled with false positives, results arrive too late for fixing and take way too much time for modern CI/CD. Discover Runtime Security and how it helps developers fix relevant findings fast.

In this talk we take a quick tour on how legacy application security usually works, what issues that causes and we look at the alternatives IAST and RASP. We take a closer look at how they work and how they enable developers to handle application security autonomously without losing their health over it.



Paul Senkel
Paul Senkel worked for 14 years in France and about 10 years in Berlin. 22 years of experience as a developer, team leader, software architect, solution architect and consultant, mostly travelling across Europe, led to 2 years of helping companies make both security and development teams happy by making application security fun.


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